Our Story

At a national conference on mucopolysaccharidosis in 2019, we asked the speaker a question about how to achieve early diagnosis of the disease. A few minutes later, a hand-written note was left on the table at where we sat. The note was from “Aaron’s mom” who thanked us for raising the question that has been on her mind for a long time.

With the progress made in translational research, more and more uncharted disease areas are being tackled with novel treatments. At P2P Syncro, we are committed to help clinicians to keep up with the advances in medicine. We want to tell Aaron’s mom that the lives of patients like her son can be improved. 


Our Solution

Conduct Campaigns

We conduct awareness campaigns. Concise, targeted, and connected message is developed for each provider specialty involved in the patient journey.

Create Content

We listen to patients' stories. Our content is selected based on data. It is created to enable actions. We generate curiosity of learning in a Goolge way.

Deliver Programs

P2P Syncro is at the forefront of digital education. We provide contemporary learning experience. The engagement to our programs is consistently above the industry average.

Evaluate Impact

We are the first to use objective real-world evidence to demonstrate the impact of educational efforts in rare disease. Making real change is our goal.


Our Work

Early Diagnosis
"My Son Had the Common Things"  - The Common and Uncommon Things in Mucopolysaccharidosis
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Diagnosis and Treatment
The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing  -  Diagnosis and Management of Neuroendocrine Tumors
Emerging Therapy
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